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Insurance Claim Appraisals Services

Disputed Claims Representation for Businesses and HomeownersProperty Damage Appraisers

An insurance appraisal is a policy process which is designed to resolve monetary disputes between the policyholder and the insurance company. If you are unable to agree to the amount of loss, and an agreement can’t be reached, either party can demand appraisal.

At Steven C. Schwed & Associates, we have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and the appraisal process. An insurance appraiser is an impartial third party who is selected by the policyholder to evaluate the existing claim and provide a value on the loss amount sustained. Both the policy holder and the insurance company choose their own impartial appraiser.  If both appraisers agree as to the amount of loss, the process is complete.  Should the two appraisers be unable to agree, their differences are submitted to the umpire.  

Insurance Umpire

The third person in the appraisal process is the umpire. An umpire is an impartial individual who selected by the two appraisers. If the two appraisers cannot agree on the amount of loss, their differences are submitted to the umpire for evaluation.  Should any two of the three agree the process is completed. The final decision is binding, and payment is due the insured within 30 days of a signed appraisal award.

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