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What is a Public Adjuster and How Can They Help You?

Tornado Insurance Claims

A public adjuster works for you, the policy holder, not the insurance company. By hiring a public adjuster after a loss, you will have a partner on your side, advocating your claim to the insurance company. Our firm helps residential communities and homeowners throughout Wisconsin recover after disaster hits. Keeping your best interests in mind, our team will only take your case if we can help add value to your claim or secure a substantial settlement on your behalf.

Types of Adjusters

In addition to a public adjuster, there are also company adjusters and independent adjusters. Neither of these adjusters works for the policyholder, specifically:

  • Company (Insurance) Adjuster – works for your insurance company. They are representing your insurance company’s best interests.
  • Independent Adjuster – also works for insurance companies. They are called independent because they are not employed by your insurance company – rather they work for an independent firm, representing multiple insurance companies.

After you suffer a loss, a reputable public adjuster should be one of the first people you contact. At Steven C. Schwed & Associates, we navigate the complex claims process on your behalf, helping you recover after a loss.

Public Insurance Adjusters Fighting for Wisconsin Home Owners

Home and property loss is devastating and overwhelming. The period of time following a loss due to fire, flood, tornado or any other type of catastrophe is stressful and chaotic. The addition of a large insurance claim only adds to this anxiety. It’s important to contact a public insurance adjuster before any claim is filed with your insurance company to ensure your interests are being represented fairly.

Since many homeowners are not completely familiar with their insurance policy, it can be difficult to understand what is covered; making it hard to determine the limitations and exclusions of the policy. By contacting Steven C. Schwed & Associates, you can rest assured knowing you have someone fighting for your best interests; working with the insurance company to get you the settlement you need to begin rebuilding your home.

The steps you take immediately following any type of disaster tend to set the tone for the entire insurance process. It’s critical to contact a public insurance adjuster before filing a claim to ensure proper documentation. We take our time, going through everything damaged and carefully documenting the losses. Our quick and accurate assessment provides your insurance company with a detailed claim presentation. If any questions or concerns arise during the process, our team of adjusters are available to help 24/7. Simply call us, day or night, to speak with your public insurance adjuster. Home and property loss is traumatic and stressful, don’t go through it alone. Partner with Steven C. Schwed & Associates to begin rebuilding your life today.

Insurance Claims Management: Claim Preparation following Catastrophe

Residential Fire Damage

Our public insurance adjusters work with residential property owners to recover full compensation after property damage. We understand each loss presents unique challenges. However, our state-of-the-art claim estimating software, attention to detail and commitment to you will successfully help you land on your feet. We have years of experience helping families file homeowner’s insurance claims; you can count on Steven C. Schwed & Associates’ team of public insurance adjusters to help you get the most from your claim. We have faced all types of disasters, successfully helping homeowner’s through the complicated claims process.

Residential Claims Management

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to prove their claim in order to become compensated for the loss. Rely on the experienced public insurance adjusters at Steven C. Schwed & Associates to prepare and manage your residential claims. We’ll conduct a comprehensive review of your insurance policy and maximize your compensation with progressive claim management strategies.

By communicating with you throughout the entire process, the SCS team becomes your advocate and helpful resource during the unsettled times following a disaster.  We are retained to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.  This allows the homeowner to control the proceeds of the recovery, rather than turning the proceeds over to a restoration contractor.   We’ll help you get back on your feet and on your way to rebuilding your life.

Catastrophic Claims Adjusters Negotiate with Insurance Companies for the Best Settlements

Get Maximum Compensation Following a Disaster

Public adjusters are experienced in insurance policy language, coverages and the proper documentation necessary to detail an accurate assessment of your damages. At Steven C. Schwed & Associates we are able to negotiate a fair settlement for losses sustained after a catastrophe. To gain success and maximum compensation, specific policy procedures need to be followed and conditions must be met. Failure to follow these specifications can lead to a reduced settlement, litigation, or cause your claim to be denied.

Our insurance adjusters will prepare a detailed claim for each of the homeowner’s policy coverages and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company to secure the maximum settlement possible. We tailor our services to each individual client’s specific needs, fully documenting and handling all:

  • Building Estimates
  • Detailed Physical Inventories and Replacement Cost Analysis
  • Additional living expense claim
Contact our Wisconsin public adjusters for exceptional services getting you the most from your residential insurance claim.