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Steven C. Schwed & Associates have been privileged to represent a wide variety of businesses throughout the Midwest. From large commercial loss claims to religious and residential claims, our team of experienced public insurance adjusters have secured maximum compensation for each of our clients. We form a positive working relationship, helping you get back on your feet after the worst has happened. Our goal is it utilize our years of extensive experience to minimize the impact of a loss. We offer our clients prompt, professional service and 24/7 support during the chaotic times following a disaster.

Feel free to contact our references to discuss their experience with our firm, or contact us directly and we will be happy to provide additional contact information for any of our references. We encourage you to read through our client reviews and learn how our insurance claims adjusters will help you rebuild after a residential, commercial or industrial disaster.

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Lubavitch of Wisconsin Claim Management Services

Dear Steve,

Pursuant to my verbal thanks, I wish to formally express to you my appreciation for your friendship and personal service in handling our cases, as well as, of course, for your generous contributions - your rightful commission. Your diligent and tireless work on our behalf is truly commendable and appreciated.

My best wishes to you for success in all your endeavors.

- Rabbi Israel Shmotkin
Towne Realty Inc Loss Settlement

Dear Steven:

Thank you for all of your assistance over the past years. You have greatly helped our company with loss settlements particularly in the area of business interrption and assessments in scope of damage.

It is a pleasure to do business with you as your professional conduct as well as your technical skills have guided us through the difficult situations that present itself when dealing with property damage and the insurance industry.

Although my job entails dealing with property insurance every day, you and your agency have a special set of skills that we rely upon for loss adjustment.

We have always had very fair business dealings in the past and should the situation present itself in the future, we shall call upon Steven Schwed & Associates.

- Fran Halas
Deutsch, Kerrigan & Stiles Business Interruption Claim Management

Dear Steve,

I wanted to thank you for successfully handling our Business lnterruption and Property Damage claim for our losses due to Hurricane Katrina. Your years of experience kept our claim moving without hurting our relationship with our carrier.

It was interesting to watch you handle the claim with the adjuster. You knew when to push and when to wait, when to give and when to hold firm. Your laid back style kept things pleasant throughout the process, yet you methodically won each issue that was critical to the success of our claim. It was a pleasure working with you and Charlie. Please keep in touch.

- Richard B. Montgomery IV
Homeowner Claim

Steve Schwed & Associates -

No matter how devastating or severe your loss, dealing with our insurance company (Encompass) only made it worse.

For four months we endured a litany of unreturned calls, un-answered questions, requests for competitive bids denied, and any communication about settlement ignored.

Finally, months after our loss Encompass sent a check 33% less than the bids we initiated from our contractors.

Their only response: "That's all we're going to pay, take it or go to arbitration."

The Encompass number was based on bids from unqualified vendors and "chosen" contractors.

Our deductible went from $500 to $100,000.

Needless to say, we were distraught and desperate.

A friend recommended Steve Schwed.

Steve took charge. He inspected the damage, developed a comprehensive loss spreadsheet and pointed out unreported damage.

He can, and did, navigate the insurance bureaucracy, knows the process and procedures and, most important, speaks the language.

Within two weeks, he found the adjuster with authority to settle, advocated our position during many phone calls and reached a settlement which made us whole.

We only wish we could have contacted him within days of our loss.

Steve Schwed and Associated are competent professionals. Their fees are reasonable!

- K. Vinje Dahl, Jr
DeLeers Millwork Dust Collection System Fire

ln March of 2013 we experienced a fire in our dust collection system. Although the fire never made its way into our building there was extensive water and smoke damage. For the first six to eight weeks we tried to deal with the insurance company with the mostly ineffectual help from our insurance agency.

The constant changing of direction from the insurance company and their experts caused an extreme draw on our time escalating an already stressful situation.

We were fortunate at this time that our legal counsel upon hearing of our distress recommended contacting Steve Schwed. Steve agreed to visit our facility and talk through what he could do for us.

After the initial meeting we engaged Steve and his firm to act on our behalf through the claim process. Once retained, Steve took the lead with the insurance company and other than providing information and discussing strategy we were left to concentrate on keeping our business running as smoothly as possible.

Steve is a true professional in dealing with insurance companies, his clients and staff. He sought reimbursement in the claim which we had no idea was available and delivered upon what he promised I have no doubt in my mind that if we had continued trying to deal with the claim internally that the results would have been catastrophic to our company, I would not hesitate to personally recommend Steve and his team to anyone involved in an insurance claim process and would happily discuss personally the merits of having Steve on your team.

- Mark Baker
Krueger Bearings Inc. Fire Loss

Dear Steve,
I just wanted to take a moment to "Thank You" for your efforts in helping us settle our insurance claim for our recent fire loss. I was very pleased with the quality of service your company provided. You took us through a very difficult process and made it seem easy. The only regret I have is that I did not retain your services sooner.
Thanks again for your help. I would gladly recommend your services to others!

- Michael F. Suter
Door County Inn Fire Loss

Imagine getting a phone call saying your home and business are on fire.

Now imagine how different everything looks as you walk around your ruined property. And the shock you feel for weeks.

Clear thinking becomes a problem for you and yet you must make quick decisions with new people in your life....insurance adjusters, clean up people, contractors, engineers, and architects.

This is when you realize money is being spent at a fast rate and no one has developed a budget. Your life is out of control. Yes, you are covered but you intuitively know a lot of money is being wasted and that can't be good for you.

In our personal example this is when several of our friends recommended we hire Steve Schwed of SCS Adjusters. Prior to our fire we were totally unaware of Steve's profession. The moment we hired him we felt a sense of ease that everything would be taken care of on our behalf to reach a fair end result that was timely and complete and in a professional manner. Our life was back into our control.

Now imagine a team of smart people from SCS Adjusters devoting what feels like all of their time to make sure your insurance contract is enforced to its fullest extent with your interest in mind. They work amicably with your insurance agent and your agent will appreciate their help.

Yes, there is a professional fee when you employ SCS Adjusters but you will find the cost is outweighed greatly by executing your claim properly. Of this we are certain.
We made many mistakes and bad decisions during our tragedy. But fortunately we made one good decision and that was to hire SCS Adjusters. It turned out to be the only decision we really had to get right.

- Tim and Nancy Christofferson
BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster

Dear Steve,

I am writing to provide my sincere thanks and compliments for the massive effort and excellent work you have done on behalf of the Gulf Coast seafood industry in the wake of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. The explosion on the Deepwater Horizon resulted in the largest oil spill in history. The Gulf of Mexico was closed to fishing and commerce for several months, causing massive direct economic losses to the Gulf Coast seafood industry that relies upon the Gulf for it's livelihood. Not only did the spill cause immediate and direct economic losses, it created indirect economic market losses due to a loss of confidence in domestic seafood.

Your skills and hard work as an economic loss consultant resulted in nearly $100 million in recovery for the domestic seafood industry. Without your expertise and experience handling large losses made this devastating event bearable for so many of our clients facing economic ruin to business built over multiple generations. I am proud to have worked with you on this event and strongly recommend your services to anyone facing economic losses large or small.

- Edward Hayes